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I'm a software developer that loves building products and web applications that impact millions of lives. Currently working on Bookzo Elements ✈️


For any sort of help / enquiry, shoot a mail and I'll get back. I swear.

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I'm not looking for a job currently, either way you can check my CV and tell me how much I am missing out.

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I always like to say I have the mind of a programmer and the heart of a designer. My fellow developers are often amazed about the level of UX design I provide in the process, on the other hand the designers that I meet are often surprised that I'm actually a developer. In other words: I am a developer who likes to do UX design by just programming it out.

I have built my skillset around this. So I focus on technologies that can enhance the User Experience. Of course a variety of JavaScript front end frameworks like Angular, React, Vue and Svelte. As long as it has TypeScript support. On top of that I like to use strong UI libraries such as Tailwind, Material and Bootstrap.

To me it's also important to know and program in the backend, my preference nowadays goes to a C# .NET (core) backend with an Entity Framework datalayer, but I'm also fond of Java and more recently Scala. As long as it's a profound object oriented language.

With these things combined I can build the best user friendly, performant, good looking, speedy, responsive, rich interfaces that customers want.

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